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KUAM-TV   8/DT 2  (NBC)
KAXM-TV 10/DT 4  (IND)
KGTF-TV  12/DT 5  (PBS)
KUAM-TV 20 LP     (CBS)
KEQI-TV   22 LP      (FOX)

WKAQ-TV    2/DT 28 (Telemundo)
WAPA-TV    4/DT 27 (IND)
WIPR-TV      6/DT 55 (PBS)
WSTE-TV     7/DT      (IND)
WLII-TV      11/DT 56 (Univision)
WORO-TV  13/DT 33 (IND)
WTCV-TV  18/DT 32 (IND)
WPRU-TV  20             (ABC)
WJPX-TV   24/DT 21 (IND)
WSJX-TV   24  LP     (FOX)
WSJP-TV   30/DT 31 (CW)
WRUA-TV  34/DT 38 (IND)
WDWL-TV 36/DT 59 (TBN)
WMTJ-TV  40/DT 16 (PBS)
WZDE-TV  52/DT 51 (IND)
WUJA-TV  58/DT 57 (IND)
WECN-TV 64/DT 65 (IND)
WVSN-TV 68/DT 49 (IND)

Market News: Spain's leading broadcaster Telecinco announced it would gain a foothold in the U.S. TV market by taking a small stake in a new Spanish-language channel. CaribeVision is a new channel operating in New York, Miami and Puerto Rico on WJPX-TV 24, which will broadcast to Spanish speakers on the eastern coast of the United States. The Spanish firm, majority owned by Italy's Mediaset, is a founding investor in CaribeVision and has agreed to buy a 28.3 percent stake in CaribeVision for $32 million... The Fox network has officially arrived in Puerto Rico thanks to the LKK Group's WSJX-TV, known on-air as "Fox Puerto Rico." In a bit of a complicated signal issue. WSJX is a Low-Power TV station broadcasting on Channel 24 from Aguadilla, and shares the same dial position with San Juan's WJPX-TV. So, the Fox affiliate is distributed on DirectTV and on Dish Network as part of the Puerto Rico locals package, as well as  One Link Cable, Choice Cable and Liberty Cablevision throughout the island. Sister stations include WPRU-LP (ABC) channel 20, and WSJP-LP (The CW) channel 30.

WSVI-TV      8/DT 20 (ABC)
WTJX-TV  12/DT  44 (PBS)
WVGN-TV 14/DT       (NBC)
WVXF-TV  17/DT 48 (CBS)
WMNS-TV 22 LP        (IND)
WCVI-TV   39/DT 23  (CW)
WEYA-TV  52 LP        (IND)
WEON-TV 60 LP       (FOX)

U.S. Territories: The term "United States" when used in a geographical sense on official documents, acts and/or laws; includes the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Guam, and American Samoa.

The U.S. has twelve unincorporated territories, also known as possessions, and two commonwealths. The major possessions are American Samoa, Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. All of these have a non-voting representative in the U.S. Congress. The major commonwealths are Puerto Rico and the Northern Marianas. Commonwealths have their own constitutions and greater autonomy than possessions, and Guam is currently in the process of moving from the status of unincorporated territory to commonwealth. The residents of all of these places are full U.S. citizens, with the exception of those on American Samoa who are U.S. nationals, but not citizens.

Media in the 3 largest territories - Puerto Rico, Guam, and U.S. Virgin Islands is very similar to the U.S. mainland. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) licenses all radio, and television properties. All major U.S. broadcast and cable networks have distribution, and affiliates in these areas as well.

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